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Frye: Chapter 5 Essay? [Oct. 10th, 2004|07:20 pm]


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Hey i was jsut attempting to do the essay for frye's essay and i dont get it! the questions dont really have much to do with the reading!..do they? please help me!

+ Funds for AIDS research
+ amending antidiscriminatory legislation to include "sexual orientation"
+ forming legislative definintions of "Spouse to embrace gay and lesbian identity for state welfare and taxes.
+ prohibiting employment or housing descimination on sexual orientation.
+ provising civil claims for homosexuals (what is this??)
+/- setting policy for gays in the militay (good or bad?)
- allowing organizations to exclude homosexuals form programs involving juveniles.
- homosexuals were though to lack "emotional stability"
- proposals to amend the Legal Services act to prohibit expenditures of funds to defend or protect homosexual rights
- Immigration and Nationality Act restricts homosexuals
- Defense of marriage act not authorizing gay marriages nad allows states to disregard same-sex marriage liscenses.
+/- (+)Employment NonDiscrimination Act (ENDA) prevent employers from firing people based on sexual orientation. (-) intended to exempt the military, small businesses and non profit religious organizations.
- DOMA legislation

How used politically?
I dont get this one? how the isses have been used politically? does he mean how back in the 50's they were against it and wouldnt let them be reps and stuff? and how they're making gay marraige an issue? i dont get it =\

Court Cases
Bowers v. Hardwick allowed stated to ban homosexual relations; permitted the armed forces to exclude homosexuals and some states to prohibit homosexuals from recieving protectiong against discrimination.
Lawrence v. Texas the Supreme court overturned Bowers v Hardwick when it voided a Texas antisodamy law ont he grounds that such laws were unconstitutional intrusion of the right to privacy guaranteed by the Constitution.

Issues used in an elexction year?/Current Iraqi issues used in Present Elections
The Issues are used in na election year to gain votes. In this election it has become a popular issue among many. John kerry for gay rights and marraiges Bush against (is this right?)
The Current Iraqi issue is similar John Kerry is against the war and why we got involved and the outcomes so far while Bush supports his war (duhh he has to)

please help me ebcause i'm nto sure if this is right or what i'm supose to really do...